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How I helped My Child Recover From Long Covid

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Child Recover From Long Covid

In this three-part series, I have shared my journey about how my son was sick and my struggles in trying to help my child recover from Long Covid. If you missed them, please read them first.

Help! My Child May Have Long Covid! Pt. One

Child’s Protocol for Long Covid- My Journey Pt. Two

I believe all protocols worked as building blocks to aiding my little boy’s recovery. I am so happy to have an encouraging end to my story, but it took time, patience, tweaking and adding supplements, and lots of prayers.

In my last post, I shared how I started a Long-Covid protocol from the We Saved Our Mom team. I gave my son this protocol for quite a while but sadly did not see much improvement in his condition. I was beginning to get quite discouraged as day after day I consistently gave him the supplements but my little boy continued to struggle. I consulted with another pediatrician who suggested it could be conversion syndrome due to my husband’s traumatic injury earlier that year. I continued to pray and be consistent. Each day I watched and observed. It was hard to beat back the anxiety and fear every mother can relate to. What if my son had something even worse going on? What were we missing?

After talking to yet another natural doctor, I decided to add several things to my protocol. I wanted to add in another round of Ivermectin since I know some long covid patients have benefited from this. I also added in an antihistamine since studies have shown that to help treat Covid. I also wanted to add things for his digestion since many of his symptoms were gut-based. And knowing Allimax to be a powerful healer, I also threw in that. At this point, I was desperate and willing to add anything that could possibly be helpful.

Here is a list of what I added.

  • Ivermectin
  • Claritan
  • Allimax
  • Probiotic
  • Digestive Enzyme

To my surprise and delight, my son began to recover within a short time of giving him this additional protocol! All of a sudden, he stopped complaining about his legs hurting. He went back to acting like a little boy, jumping and playing! My son was getting better! The Lord had blessed the supplements and restored my little boy to health! I cannot tell you how relieved I was. What seemed to pop up overnight seemed to leave overnight as well. After weeks and months of prayer and supplements, my child recovered from Long Covid.

I was able to help my child recover from Long Covid. After lots of prayer and supplements here's what finally worked!


In closing: Here are a few answers to some of the questions you may be having about helping my child recover from Long Covid.

You mentioned Conversion Syndrome earlier. Do you think your child really did have Long Covid? 

Although I cannot say for sure, yes I do think it was Long Covid. While we may never know, definitely I believe my son was affected by the spike protein from the Omicron variant that my mom was sick with shortly before his symptoms appeared, even though he never had signs of Covid at that time. My husband’s traumatic fall and the stress my son had around that time definitely contributed to his immune system being suppressed.

Because of my boy’s mouth sore, he also was dealing with the herpes virus. This had been what the Dr’s original diagnosis was when we first took him in. And I think this also could have been a factor. But, overall, I think the spike protein from Covid was the main culprit. Although we will never know for sure, the strangeness of the symptoms and the length of time we had to deal with them all point to it being a long covid situation.

Do you think the first protocol helped your son?

Although it did not finally kick his Long Covid symptoms, I believe the protocol we gave our boy greatly assisted in helping our son. Each of the ingredients we gave him was very healthful and supportive of his body, no matter what he was dealing with. I am grateful we supercharged his little body with those nutrients.

Which ingredient of the final protocol you added ended up helping him?

I do not honestly know. I suspect the Ivermectin was a big factor. Still, I wonder if the Clariton was the kicker since it is known to assist and calm cytokine storms. Then again, Allimax being such powerful garlic, maybe it came in and blasted the last residual virus away. And who can deny the importance of digestion and gut support? So I really don’t know. But, whatever it was. I am thankful.

What would you say to someone whose child has Long Covid?

I would say Pray, pray, pray for wisdom. Love your child through these illnesses with patience and understanding. They really are sick, even though it doesn’t seem outwardly like anything is wrong. Seek a multitude of options and opinions. And be patient and consistent because it can take a long time. Also, don’t be afraid to try several things at once. Just tweaking or adding in one more thing can make all the difference.

If you are trying to help a child recover from long covid, I would be happy to encourage you in any way possible. Simply email info@preparedpatriotnutrition.com. I may not have all the answers but I can be a listening ear and support!

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