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How One Family Saved Their Mom From Covid When She Had Been Given 12 hours To Live.

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cooperation to save their mom from covid

Our mom got sick in late September/early October of 2020. She had been with our Grandpa as he was dying of Covid and she’d caught it from him. Mom had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stage 4 kidney disease— a LOT of comorbidities. On top of all that, she was both physically and emotionally exhausted. She had spent several days vigil at her dad’s bedside and then been through the trauma of holding his hand while he suffocated to death in front of her.

cooperation to save their mom from covid

When we heard mom was sick we were very concerned. We brought over many of the supplements that now are known to be helpful according to the I-MASK+IProtocol. We later found out that she had not taken them as we had hoped.

The virus continued to worsen and Mom was checked into a rural Iowa Hospital on October 4th—missing her own father’s funeral. At first, she was able to be on her personal Doctor’s protocol. This treatment included Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and antibiotics. It also included Remdesivir, the only drug approved by the FDA for Covid. They didn’t tell us that the Remdesivir has a death rate of over 52% because it causes kidney failure. They ran her on two rounds of it.  

Several days passed and we were told she was “stable” or “improving.” However, her mental state was deteriorating and her need for oxygen support was rapidly escalating. Another couple of days passed and on the evening of October 9th, we got the call: Mom was failing.

The CDC protocol had not healed her. As with so many cases, it had made the situation much worse. Mom was on the CDC Covid death train.

We responded quickly to the news and held a family conference call. We discussed our options and two things were made clear: 

1. Mom needed us to fight for her. 

2. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t give this everything we had. 

We knew the hospital wouldn’t deviate from the CDC protocol so we had to work around them.  We came up with a plan to save mom’s life.

The following morning, ten of Mom’s eleven kids (you read that right!) began driving or caught a flight home. By the time we started to trickle in, they had given Mom 12 hours to live.

Read the rest of the story over at www.wesavedourmom.com.

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