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Moral Injury- A New Diagnosis in Doctors

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Moral Injury

A new study shows that medical doctors in our current health care system suffer from something similar to what Military Veterans have had to deal with. Not to be confused with PTSD, this mental anguish is diagnosed as “Moral Injury.” According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, moral injury refers to the distressing psychological, behavioral, social, and spiritual aftermath of exposure to highly stressful events that go against a person’s moral beliefs.

Those in the military deal with this when faced with conscience issues such as having to kill in wartime despite their Christian beliefs and holding to the Ten Commandments, specifically the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

According to Redstate.com, “This is likely the consequence of doctors becoming disempowered in the practice of medicine. Historically, physicians worked in collaboration with their patients to determine the best, mutually agreed-upon treatment. However, in today’s medical system, central control has so undermined the doctor-patient relationship that many physicians feel superfluous to care management and even must enact treatments that they do not agree with. Combined with this artificial constraint, obstacles to care, and productivity pressures placed upon them by governmental-insurance payers, physicians often feel disconnected from the rewarding care of patients.

Physicians are becoming disillusioned by the destruction of a profession for which many invested years of training and education with the unrealized belief that their career would be a truly noble endeavor. Instead, many caring and compassionate physicians now find themselves battling against a health care system that places obstructions in the way of being a quality physician instead of facilitating it…Being a physician will always be difficult. Every doctor knows this going into the profession. What most don’t know is the sole-crushing bureaucracy that works against their patients’ well-being, not to mention themselves.”


This is not surprising to us. Especially during the recent pandemic, it is apparent that the CDC guidelines were and are death warrants and not for the people’s health. Doctors are not allowed to practice healing anymore and have been disallowed to think on their own. They are being told how to practice by those that are not even doctors. Driven by a money-greedy hierarchy of elites that are not about the health and wealth fare of their patients but about control and profit, doctors have had their hands tied. As more and more physicians have seen the power grab and had their eyes opened to the truth, their consciences scream. Being unable to help those hurting and instead adding to their sorrows, these poor doctors now suffer from this “Moral Injury.” It’s time for these doctors to take a stand and pull away from the elite institutions. It is time for them to return to “First, do no harm.” Only then will their consciences be quieted, and they can themselves heal from “Moral Injury.”

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