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BREAKING: Is There A Rise In Strokes Among CHILDREN — Even Unvaccinated Children?

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(This is a Major Breakthrough, But Alarming):

My family has encountered a number of unexplained strokes recently with folks who have NOT had the shot. The one I am most familiar with was a toddler with no sign of clots or bleeding. This led the doctors to conclude that this was an ischemic stroke caused not by clots, but by vasoconstriction/vasospasm (blood vessels constrict/narrow, reducing or stopping blood flow). This is an uncommon stroke cause, formally referred to as “Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome”.

Before I knew much about the case, I initially thought this was due to shedding, given all vbn predictive programming we’ve been flooded with about “kids have strokes too”, but after all the testing with zero evidence of clotting found, I couldn’t see how to reasonably chalk this up to a reaction to shedding, or thrombosis from an asymptomatic viral infection.

…But that was before I understood that the reaction to shedders is a mast cell activation disorder (MCAD/MCAS).

Here’s how I now think these strokes are happening:

1. Exosomal spike proteins, exhaled by those recently vaccinated, trigger a type 1 hypersensitivity allergic reaction in those with overly-sensitive mast cells.

2. Mast cells degranulate, releasing histamine and thromboxane.

3. Histamine and thromboxane cause cerebral vasoconstriction, similar to Kounis Syndrome.

4. This causes a vasospasm stroke.

I propose that this type of stroke be referred to as an EST-Kounis Stroke (Exhaled Spike protein Triggered).

So what can we do to prevent this?

The ways to fight this are:

1. My EST-MCAD protocol (currently in development) that both stabilizes mast cells and inhibits their degranulation triggers.

Preview: chondroitin sulfate, luteolin, curcumin.

2. Take natural antihistamines, both of the H1 and H2 types.

3. Take natural thromboxane antagonists. (Vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid, which is found in walnuts).

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