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Covid Hospital Patients: A Crash Course

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We Saved Our Mom

How To Fight For Your Hospitalized Loved One

In the year since we got into mom’s Covid ICU room and administered life-saving alternative treatments, we’ve heard from hundreds of families, begging us to help them save their relatives.

What Can We Do To Prevent Our Loved Ones From Getting Critically Ill?

What Can We Do If They Won’t Let Us In Their Room?

What Can We Expect As

Their Hospitalization Continues?

We hear it all the time: “My relative is really sick, but we took them to the hospital and they said they weren’t sick enough! They told us to go home to wait — and then bring them back when they get worse!”

We’ve got some tips to help you make better decisions while you’re still at home that can help your loved one avoid the hospital entirely.

We saved our mom’s life by applying supplements with a carrier to her skin — but how can you try to do the same if you can’t get in the room?

Here’s what has worked for us, starting with “buttering up” the nurses and finally to using social media and more to get in the door.

Many people are learning — quickly — that the current protocols aren’t necessarily the most effective.

But there are some changes you can request, even if you’re not in the room, yet, and we’ll walk you through some of those options.

This course could save you and your relative from the nightmare our family went through – for less than a coffee run cost us once Mom was in the hospital.