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Hospital Payment Scheme Exposed

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Hospital payment scheme exposed

Watch this video to see how The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services is waiving patient rights.

And the bonus rewards hospitals are given that are putting your life at risk!!

  1. Hospitals are given a bonus payments whenever they offer a free Covid test in the ER.
  2. Hospitals are given a boost payment whenever have a diagnosis of Covid.
  3. Hospitals are given another bonus payments whenever you are admitted with Covid.
  4. Hospitals get another bonus if they put the patient on Remdesivir.
  5. Hospitals get yet another bonus payment if the patient is put on a vent!
  6. ANOTHER 20% bonus if the diagnosis on the death certificate says COVID (even if that is not the cause of death!)
  7. Bonus payments are given to coronors.
Hospital payment scheme exposed

The Biden Administration is literally paying hospitals to kill people.

The hospitals are literally getting about $100,000 per patient. Does this give them the incentive to heal and help or kill and destroy? Think about it and pass this on!

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