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3 Things About The Spanish Flu Protocol

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Spanish Flu Protocol

Below is a copy of the advice given for the Spanish flu. Notice a 3 things about The Spanish Flu Protocol:

  1. The explanation of the facts. Rather than hype and fear with the warping of information to scare the masses. Simple facts are explained with how to respond sensibly to the situation. It is even explained that the “Spanish Flu” is the same as the regular influenza. The seriousness is explained but not overhyped to scare into compliance.
  2. The sense of personal responsibility. Rather than big government issuing mandates and deciding for the people what is best for them and their families, the general population is given advice for the application of it.
  3. Nutrition and hygiene are encouraged. Common sense is recommened. Personal quarantine and individual staying at home with sickness is advised. There is respect for the communities and individuals, allowing them to practice and apply the necessary means towards reducing the spread of the epidemic.

It is interesting to compare the Spanish Flu Protocol to the response of our nation to the recent Pandemic. Perhaps we could have taken a lesson or two from the Spanish Flu outbreak and our nation’s response back then verses now. The question to ask ourselves now is, will we repeat this in the future? How will we learn from these things? Will we give up our liberties next time?

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