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Blessings and Curses and the Importance of Early Training

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blessings and curses

It bears repeating that if you want to know the immediate future, Deuteronomy 28:15-68 is a far better guide than Revelation, which largely deals with events in the first century. God’s judgments are realized practically, not through some finger-snap magic. We pray “give us this day our daily bread”, and while God is the ultimate Author of that blessing, it is made manifest through the actions of the farmer, miller, baker, trucker, grocer, and the money we earn through our labors. It is the same way with curses.

Reading the second part of Deuteronomy 28, it is surprising how many of the curses for disobeying the Lord are food curses and health curses.

You can break down the curses into these categories:

1. Land

2. Weather

3. Food

4. Health

5. Demographic Replacement

6. Loss of Inheritance: Progeny, Property, Culture

7. Loss of the Fruit of One’s Labors

As Christians, we are never truly cursed, but we experience these carnal common curses right along with the rest of the population. Knowing how to recognize and mitigate these curses is a mercy from the Lord.

It is time to rise up as Christian families to teach our children differently.

Fathers, teach your boys perseverance, tenacity, persistence, determination, and resolve. Christians have no strength of will today. We’d rather let people be murdered than be impolite in confronting the murderers.

It’s really true that basic character and moral obedience affects us spiritually. If we are not taught hardship and self-denial as children how are we ever to endure persecution? If we do not learn how to stand alone and “dare to be a Daniel” how will we stand up for the truth when the culture around us caves to what the culture and our media is telling us to do?

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