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A Holistic Broad-Spectrum Approach to Healing from Covid

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Broadspectrum approach to healing from covid

We’ve repeatedly encountered folks with a counterproductive attitude where “killing the virus” is their narrow, singular focus. This is the way modern medicine thinks, and even alt-minded people have unwittingly adopted the same philosophy. Some even shirk all other assistance in sole pursuit of IVM or HCQ, even days after the viral load has dropped off.

The virus must be killed, but it is also necessary to heal the damage it has done.

What generally kills people is not the virus but the cytokine storm it triggers (a run-away immune system which was triggered by run-away oxidative stress).

An analogy: A tire on your car blows out, causing you to swerve into a guardrail, severely damaging the body of your car. Is the tire the only thing that needs to be fixed?

A holistic, broad-spectrum shotgun approach is what’s required.

Broadspectrum approach to healing from covid

Here are the key areas we focus on (timing is critical and varies depending on disease progression and current symptoms):

1. Regulate the Immune System (D3, melatonin, C, etc.)

2. Kill the Virus (zinc, quercetin/EGCG, selenium, etc.)

3. Fight Oxidative Stress (C, melatonin, NAC, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium, flushing niacin, etc.)

4. Dilate Blood Vessels: Fight Clotting/Increase Oxygenation (L-Arginine, Grape Seed Extract/EGCG, flushing niacin)

5. Bronchodilation (the GSH from 3 plus the NO from 4)

6. Clean the Blood: Clots & Free Iron (nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain, IP6)

7. Rebuild the Blood (Vit K, folate/folinic acid, B12, red meat; usually done after healing unless thrombocytopenia is causing bleeding)

8. Heal the Heart (CoQ10, selenium, etc.)

9. Increase Energy & Fight Brain Fog (long-hauler protocol)

Always Remember: Cheap food is expensive: Spend it at the farm, or spend it at the pharmacy.

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